Online classes allow the learner to fit around work, social life and other activities, therefore offering convenience and flexibility. 

By taking our online classes, not only you will be able to attend online lessons when convenient, you will be able to use the classes to your benefit, learning online to develop skills for your work, education and social life.

TopUp Learning is an online learning website. All our Online Webinars that can easily be accessible on all platforms, whether you are using Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC/Mac.

Currently TopUp Learning does not offer Free Trials for live classes, however we do offer free English tests to allow our customers to choose appropriate course levels.

In order to be able to purchase online classes, you must first sign up. You can sign up by clicking the Login/Register on top right of the page. After login in, on the chosen course please click on the Enroll Now.

Yes, you are able to purchase more than one online class at a time. You can purchase multiple online classes at a time.

Our online classes materials are developed by us and are informative, educational, colourful, and engaging.

All your teachers are native speakers with relevant qualification and experience from UK, USA and NZ.

Depends on your learning needed. One-to-One online class is an excellent example of a customised class delivered to your individual needs. Group online class is an excellent example of learning in a group and learning from your peers.

Yes, you will have access to learner dashboard where you will have full access to your personalised learning progress report and milestone.

Yes, there will be homework after online classes to ensure you master what you have learnt in the class

Upon successful completion of your online classes, you will be rewarded with an E-certificate. You can share your certificate on your CV and Linkedin.

To view our Terms and conditions and Refund policy on our online classes please visit our Terms and conditions page.

Yes, you will receive members only discounts and promotions and we will email those offers to your registered email addresses.

Usually is not the case, but if you have any pre-arrangement with your teacher and your teacher has agreed to answer some of your enquires after class, feel free to do so!

No visa is required for any online learning course offered by Topup English or Topup Learning. 

Yes of course, if you like what we teach and please let more people know about TopUp English and TopUp Learning !

You and your friends can follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more update.

At TopUp English, we would like to take care of our customers and just email us and let us help you!

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